The plan forward.

plan sealed and delivered

My goal is to upload content and structural things late at night Pacific time, when the site may go into "maintenance" mode temporarily for any database overwrite. This will be instead of changing a live site, that is not normal for the big sites. In big sites changes are uploaded so there is a backup if something goes wrong. Blog Posts by Maws Passion already written will be predated so the website will not break when posts are organized by date. They will be organizable by tag and category too, as that is a feature everyone likes, so I will feature exposing lots of content that will be you, the user, sortable. From a post-point-of-view no posts hidden ever like Facebook does. They will be searchable indefinitely by archive, date, tags, and content. I am building this site on development computer in "Drupal", which will be the subject of another post, another day, or in other context like secure e-commerce. P.S. Maw and Paws Ark Inc. is legal-to-solicit-funds by North Carolina 501C Non-Profit, meaning donations are Federally tax deductible, but not products, since they will be fair market value, not ballooned high-in-price. For example products to you, profit to Maw and Paws, you can't claim it's price along with any donations. Content organization of this website to be getting better as it grows: For example who the "Team" is, etc. Comment by non-approved people will be disabled to keep out SPAM, since we do not intend to distract you with flashing third-party ads. By Pa Paws.

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