Story Behind the Artwork

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In this time of loss
Anger about the abuse of animals - cats I say woof
Cats loving - My soul silently waits

I had an interest in this when I was very young, but I didn't pursue it then.

Until, that is, after my husband passed away suddenly due to a massive heart attack in 2012. I went through a rollercoaster of feelings of anger, sadness, depression, which to this day is still a battle.  

But in 2015 I picked up a renewed interest in photography, of nature, and animals, whereby I joined a community of artists at both Fine Art America website  and Blingee's website. At these places I had fun and still do. Talking with others there who are artists and photographers.   I joined "Blingee's" in February 2016.

I had no more interest in the other things I did before my husband passed away: I started losing desires like crazy. You see my husband and I were soul mates.  So when he left, it was like something just cut my heart out of me.  It was confusion, anger, sadness, depression started to take over.  This is where the animals I care for helped me. And then my artwork came in after that.  I was so vulnerable. Others tried to take advantage of me, and hurt me. 

But, getting back to the artwork i do, i love it, i have many Blingees, photo art, and have a photography group on Fine Art America, called nature and animals. I also have friends on Blingee's site too.  I sometimes enter contests, or challenges, i even have set up challenges too.

I used to share them on Facebook, i actually have a Facebook page dedicated to it also, called Treasures of the Heart.   Where i share videos i made/make of the artwork i did/do.  I put special words or meanings with them, when I feel led to do so. I have made so much artwork, with many moods, because I put myself into them.  So they will look sad, joyful, serene, to name a few. Whatever I might be feeling at the time, they therefore reflect my many moods!  

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