Reason Behind the Designs

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They were made by Maws,
To help an unwanted paw.
Her compassion was great:
Their lives were at stake!
So she devised a plan,
To help as many as she can! ...

So each purchase of every design
Will help each one shine.
The paws, the unwanted ones,
can reach new heights,
and have a life that is bright:
Never again, be called the unwanted ones!

Note on above: Each and every design:

  • is designed with great detail,
  • printing with the highest quality ink and detail, 
  • purchaseable in size medium and large for larger t-shirts and prints,
  • but can be purchased in small and medium size as cut-it-out-yourself patches and appliques

Custom made for you:

  • Like I did before with popular custom quilts to raffle off, some designs will allow you to put your highest quality image into my design, for example of in memory of. However the printing can be up to large images for example 12" x 18" single prints with high quality paper and highest qualtiy ink. 
  • And/or text for example the name of the pet the photograph is in memory of.
  • Lightroom/Photoshop will be available for the problem childs, for example not enough pixels to print a large image.

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