Feeling Silly

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Let the Sillyness Begin
Boing, Boing, Boing

Sillyness   By Maw


Yes, let the sillyness, joy, happiness start. Why not?

So much sadness around, so much happening to put you in a knot

Sometimes our feelings and emotions, can get so deep, we need to get out

to jump, play,romp,have a good time, once in awhile

Get the cobwebs out and clean house, the mind they say is a terrible thing to waste

I say so what? Sometimes the mind thinks too much, and it can hurt a lot

So don't be ashamed, to be silly in a good way of course

Keeping in mind, that we have many emotions, that can go off course

So when someone tells you , your being silly, just shrug it off

After all we can't be serious all the time, God created us, to be what we are suppose to be

unafraid, of what people will say, who cares what they say, i will be what i want to be

   After all, i have gone through over 4 years of grief, sadness, and depression

I am alotted to be silly sometimes, how about you?


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yup cant let life and this world get you down, God wants us to be happy too

Joanna Schultz, the owner of Maw & Paws ark inc's sanctuary, where i care for senior cats and dogs