Brownie, His story from sadness to Happy Tails

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The Story and Life of Brownie, passed away 2017 november 1st 8:00am
Brownie the clown, yes he was that too, I weep now when i see this video
Brownie the clown, yes he was that too, I weep now when i see this video

How did brownie wind up at Maw & Paws Ark Inc?

Always a story behind every dog i take in, i start out with much compassion for the most unwanted senior dogs and cats.


   Well, Brownies story goes like this,  Before he came here, he lived with owners in Arkansas, he didnt really have a very happy life, sadwith them, but then his owners were killed, and he was a witness to that, imagine seeing someone you love killed in front of you, surprisehe also had other siblings that were much younger. They were easily placed into other homes. 

 But, poor Brownie and his sister Blackie were left out, because they were "too old" they were 9 years old at the time, this was about 2 1/2 yrs ago. to their surprisecrying they were sent to a killing shelter, because no one wanted them, they were up for humans to kill them, just because they were so called old, Isnt that a terrible shame?  well, along came me, and heard about them needing out of that shelter ASAP. I saw their story on facebook, and it tore at me, i had to do something, so i asked and said i would take them, if no one else wanted them, there was a catch, they had to be taken together,  i said of course i want them both. I got, what they wanted and needed. A home for the both of them to live out the rest of lives at. Well, i was told another rescue was going to take them, so i said ok. 

   Guess What?  The Lord answered my prayer, and the transporter said the rescue couldnt guarantee to take both of them together. So she called me up, and said, Did I want Brownie and Blackie still?  I said yes. She told me the fall through with the other rescue. So Brownie and his sister came all the way here to north carolina to be with me and the other seniors here at Maw & Paws Ark Inc. Where Compassion is #1.

I seem to have this gift for animals, they and me develop a bond, that is unbreakable, except by death.  Brownie and his sister took to me instantly ,as of course i did also to them. Yes, i do feel very deeply for the unwanted ones, thats just the way God has made me to be. To care for his least of these.

Well, to get back to Brownie, He was so cute, and bouncy, loved to use his bed as a trampoline, boing boing, he loved climbing, running around, going for walks, showinf affection to his sister. they went on walks together, they pretty much did a lot together. Brownie loved barking at the outside cats, going after their food, he was so full of life, energy, spark, enthusiasm, always a go getter. His personalty was so loveable. But, i think that way about all dogs and cats too.

I loved the wy he would stick his tongue out and look at me, as to say, What? then he would make his tongue go back in his mouth, he loved licking my face and hand, and looking at me with those beautiful eyes of his, yes he was an unwanted one by every one else, but to me, he still much life more to live.

  Then starting in october 27th, Strokes started happening, i called the vet about what to do, he said there is really nothing that can be done, so i gave brownie some tumeric pills especially for dogs, and it helped to keep any pain away, even a stroke couldnt keep him down, he still had that spark and alertness in his face, he had another stroke tuesday morning around 2:00am, it left him parallyzed.

this is where most of you came in on the story, I asked for help as to what to do some said to just wait and he could come out of it on his own, others told me about the passive massage and exercise for dogs that are parrallyzed.  So i watched videos on how to do it on Utube.  and i did what they said, and guess what he started walking again, he was limping a little, but like they said, he could have come to a full recovery, if he didnt have another stroke wed Morning that killed him, i was so hopeful for him, but when i found him in his bed dead around 8:00am  Wed. I was filled with shock and horror, i didnt know what to do, i posted posts on facebook on Maw&Paws arks page. I saw there were so many people that also had dogs that had strokes, and died also.  Many prayed, and sending comforting words and thought my direction. I missed him terribly, but then I am that way about the dogs i some how have a deep bond with. Some people cnnot comprhend the concept, of type of bond with a pet, or an unwanted one, which Brownie started out to be, but came here, and was no longer unwanted. He felt love and care, he never really had in his whole life. I had him only 2 1/2 yrs, but it felt like a lifetime. When i love, i love unconditionally, and all the way, until they are ready to go to their heavenly home. Dogs love unconditionally as well, and many wind up disappointed, i feel so for them, not many people have this gift of compassion as i have. Something many have told me that i have it, i will go to great lengths to care for them, even go into debt, if no donations come.  

This sanctuary is a 501c3, non-profit, we have donation buttons for people to give and other goodies. But no one responds,  Why?  I love it when some try to help, but it needs more, then just 2 or 3 people to help.  As you read Brownies story and look at his pics, maybe, you could help us with donations, so needed, to care for these unwanted ones, with sad stories, that wind up what i call, Happy Tails.