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Maws Passion: First of all, before the artwork, I started with my deceased husband this sanctuary for helping the unwanted dogs and cats, no one else wanted. The seniors, sick, some have already gone to Heaven since we started in 2010, we have been here now for 7 years, with much experience in caring for the precious ones, when they came here, they found a furever home, many have their own stories to tell. I will feature many of them and their stories, also, even the deceased ones. The story of my Husband who was just as compassionate as I am, about the animals. This sanctuary is one word, COMPASSION. Which I see so little of these days. Believe it or not, takes lots of funds to care for them, we don't do adoptions anymore. That stopped when my husband PAW passed away in 2012. I had to change things, so I could handle things easier. But, I sure could use a volunteer or to help, assist in training, feed, and play with the cats and dogs, Including help for the dogs I take in and care for, for other people who need breaks,vacations, they bring them here, because I treat them as my own also. I just plain love them all.

As a Photographer, dedicated to helping unwanted animal. Photographing and digital art of animals and nature, capturing funny moments, twisting the photo into beautiful, abstract art as well. Here on this website, will feature and show many different pieces of artwork, that make Maw who she is.
The compassion, emotions, that she feels that come from within very deep. She is an advocate for animals, as you will see in some of her artwork. So many different emotions, she shows that not only come from her, but also hopefully to help others, in their same situations, she has been faced with, many times.
She is a caregiver, first and foremost, of senior and sick cats and dogs. They live in her sanctuary, to have a furever home, and live out their lives in peace, and comfort, and just be happy, until their time comes. Its never easy to lose from this earth, you never get used to it. But this gift of compassion goes so very deep.

As Pa Paws, I'm a volunteer for the technical, I'm assisting as official vice president with the technical and money leg, including website, ecommerce and sales and support of custom products, with the profits go back to Maw and Paws Ark.

Official Interaction with Maws Passion will be by interactive webform, and all product telephone support will be by Jonathan AKA Pa Paws in Washington State at 360-988-6583 and at shootersolutions.com Maw and Paws Ark Store for goods manufactured by us in the USA of goods: parts of which foreign and domestic for you. As a brother of Maws Passion, we have been friends for many years. I've had a passion of "helping" the cause of good, since early on.

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