Maw and Paws is Compassion.

Maw and Paws Ark Inc.

Our mission: Compassion.

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Our Mission:

To help the most unfortunate; the sick; the injured; the mommy, pregnant cats and dogs; kittens; puppies. To have their second chance at a good home! We work with the community to be aware of the importance of spay/neuter programs. Helping people to keep ther pets instead of throwing them away to kill shelters. To help the terminally ill to have a good home also, until their time has come and they can't go anymore. We physically can't support the large and the infirm any more.
Our hope:
One day we won't have to!

Donations: Maw ans Paws Ark Inc. is a certified 501C non-profit small rescue, therefore all donations are deductible.

You can donate monthly as well. All amounts are appreciated. We may be small, but we can have a big roar.


If you aren't already familiar with Maw and Paws Ark Inc, you can check out a check of the legitimacy of Maw and Paws Ark Inc non-profit status the following link is from searching for maw paw here

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